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301 W Commerce
ALTUS, OK 73521
FAX: 580.481.2203

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Altus is “The “City with a Future to Share.”  Home to Altus Air Force Base, the citizens of Altus are well known for their patriotic spirit and community heritage that is founded upon civic pride and hard work. The people of Altus are literally its greatest asset. Friendly and outgoing, Altus’ citizens are the key to making it a great place to live and work.

Some keys to our community’s success are a reasonable cost of living, sound primary and secondary education system, safe and secure living environment with parks and amenities, a neighborly attitude toward people from other places and a forward thinking community leadership.

One great example of our leadership is the MAPS for Altus program that was recently passed by a vote of over 75%. MAPS for Altus will provide $34 million through bonds for a new municipal building/police department complex ($8.5 million) allowing for centralized department structure in one building, a state of the art Senior Citizens Center ($1.5 million), an East Side Industrial Development project located on the east side of Altus Air Force Base ($7 million) and a renovated/additions to Altus High School ($17 million).




 Two major keys to the growth and success of Altus are a continued partnership with the Altus Air Force Base and the agricultural industry in Southwest Oklahoma. Altus AFB has long been known as the base with the “Best Base/Community Relationship in the Air Force”. Our community has continued to do all it can to enhance the work that occurs at the base. We also have a longstanding connection to the very important agricultural community in Southwest Oklahoma. Wheat, cattle and cotton have long been staples to the Southwest farmer. Jackson County, which encompasses Altus and the surrounding area, is the highest cotton producing county in the State of Oklahoma primarily due to the States only irrigation district.




 Altus has a proud history which continues to be embraced and celebrated today. A Oklahoma Main Street Community, Altus is busy remembering its past while looking toward its future. We are optimistic about what lies ahead. Our community is focused and ready to face the challenges of sustaining and growing the economy, creating employment opportunities for our youth, and preserving and enhancing its community character.

We are proud of our community and encourage you to find out why Altus, "The City with a Future to Share” offers a great location for new business opportunities to flourish in Southwest Oklahoma.

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